Client-Centred And Flexible.

Our approach

We flexibly adjust to the size of the organisation, its technological maturity, industry-specific circumstances, governance structures and organisational culture.

Evidently, collaboration modalities somewhat vary from client to client. We hereafter present an example of how our collaboration could look like in practice.

1. Exploration

We kick off with a brainstorming or workshop in which we touch on AI technologies and industry-specific cases. If preferred, we run the exchange online.

Together with the client we then identify opportunities for implementing solutions in the organisation.

We conclude by ranking opportunities by the highest added value and the lowest risk. In doing this we duly take into account ethical and regulatory aspects.

2. Validation

For the most attractive opportunity we prepare a short Proof of Concept (PoC) and calculate the Return-On-Investment (ROI). Certain parts of the PoC we elaborate in close collaboration with the client.

On the basis of an indicative timeline, we then confirm the planning of the project and the team in charge.

3. Implementation

We develop standalone solutions or seamlessly integrate software into existing systems.

If applicable, we take the lead on the organisational restructuring (involving HR, legal, finances, communication, etc.) and training of staff.

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4. Evaluation

We strive for continuous improvement.

Regardless of the project length, we after important milestones analyse the solutions implemented.

We also continuously evaluate and, in line with project management methodologies, fine-tune the governance to ensure that each project is a success.

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