a skillset of bigger companies.

Areas and technologies

We cover the full spectrum of analytics and AI technologies. Like few other companies, we have the flexibility to adjust to the client’s size, digitisation level, the type of data, specific cases and industries. Read more how we achieve this.

Compliance, risk-Management & ethics

digital audit, financial modelling and compliance, irregularity and fraud prevention, GDPR compliance, algorithmic audit and accountability, ethics evaluation and monitoring

Spatial dimension and IoT

remote sensing using satellite, aerial and radar data, geoinformatics, environmental modelling and monitoring, disaster prevention and management, IoT, predictive maintenance

Data for health

comparative genomics, next-generation sequencing, epidemic modelling and real-time surveillance, ontology-based solutions, point-of-care testing

Digital Transformation

process optimisation and automation, resources management, policy and business intelligence, prescriptive analytics, management consulting, restructuring

Data-driven software & applications

software development, stand-alone applications, cloud computing infrastructure, high-performance computing, CPU/GPU clustering, algorithm parallelisation

Training & communication

in-house training in data science, machine learning and data visualisation, from absolute beginner to advanced, communication, digital marketing and public diplomacy


For some industries, we have a particularly deep insight and a long track record. We are familiar with domain-specific challenges and are uniting experienced experts who are able to integrate projects without any consultancy clutter. 

government & Regulators

EU & International Organisations

Finance & Audit

Infrastructure & Utility

Space industry

Healthcare & Elderly care

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